• Exterior, Outdoor Deck
  • Pad Cha on the plate, closeup
  • Interior
  • Various Dishes on the table
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About us

Senyai is the dream of our owner, Tu Wade, who has been preparing mouth-watering and tempting dishes for her friends and family in Pittsburgh for the past eight years.

Tu recently trained under some of Bangkok’s most knowledgeable chefs in preparation for the opening of Senyai. The results of her training, along with her expertise in Thai food, will make for a truly epicurean experience.

We use organic chicken and some organic vegetables.

A friendly and attentive staff will welcome you to our cozy Shadyside location where our goal is to provide you with an uncommonly enjoyable lunch or dining experience.

Our restaurant manager can recommend pairing any of our dishes with a wine or beer choice that will enhance your evening at Senyai. Although BYOB, an excellent bottle shop with wine selections is just next door.